5 Things to know before Starting a Blog - KingBloggers

5 Things to know before Starting a Blog - KingBloggers

In my post "what is Blogging" I have already explained clearly what is Blog? What is Blogging? Benefits of Blogging and Everything about Blogging. This post is for the Bloggers who are already got a very keen interest in Blogging. Yes in this post I am going to Explain clearly about prerequisites which are to be decided to create a blog . 

Things to be clear Before starting a new Blog:

Before going to start blog you should be clear in certain things, They are

  • What kind of Blog you are going to create? - Niche of the blog
  • What is the name of your blog?
  • What are the contents you are going to put in your new blog.
  • Description of your Blog
  • Logo of your Blog - (optional at the time of starting) 

Niche of the blog - Kingbloggers

What kind of Blog you are going to create? - Niche of the blog:

This is very important first and foremost step you should think before creating a Blog. Yes because the blog can be started with any Niche but once the blog is started with a particular niche, future posts should also cover only the particular niche. So it is very important to think about niche of your blog before you start. 

Selecting the Niche:

"World is so Big, Many things are there to learn and Explore"

Yes selecting a niche is for your blog is very important. Before starting starting a blog sit relaxed take a paper and pen, Enjoy a little song. Now think!!! First in what you are interested in. For example You may be interested in cooking, Even Blogging, Some Technology, Android phones. iPhone etc... But think of which you are most interested in. Think in which niche you are always updated, so that you can update the new things in your blog. After this find out the best niche which suits you better in future as well. Don't Worry if your are so much interested in Technology and as well as cooking. You can create a separate blog for both the niche because it is allowed to create a 100 blogs for a one gmail account.
name of the blog- Kingbloggers

What is the name of your Blog?

Selecting a name of the Blog is very very very important process in Blogging. Why Because for example you know about importance your name in this world, simple this is what the same importance given to blog name as well.

Steps to select the name of your Blog:

  • Take a paper and pen, Sit relaxed. As you already decided about niche of your blog its easy for you to decide the name of the blog.
  • For example if the niche of your Blog is Cooking, then you can think about cookingkings,cookqueen etc.. But this are normal thinking but always try to select the name of the blog with google search keyword. While I was trying to search cooking in google it gave me many sites with the name cookinglight.com, cookingchanneltv.com etc.,
  • Always I prefer you to decide some four to five names for the blog, Because the name you choose may not be available while creating the blog.  

Types of Blog name:

Up to my knowledge there are two types of Blog names can be decided, one is Keyword specific and one is general.

Keyword specific Blog name:

This is one of the common way of deciding the blog name. As i already mentioned if your niche is cooking then go for cookingkings like, else you can see this blog name Kingbloggers which is also keyword specific. But one limitation of this keyword specific blog name is you should always adhere to the topic.

General blog name:

This is like selecting the blog name in general way where you can cover more topics rather than you niche. Advantage of this kind of blog name is you can decide the brand name. For example, Take Honda its a brand in which they are having Honda CBR, Honda City etc...  So one of the real time example i can give you that Blog having the general Blog name is one of my favourite Blog (shoutmeloud.com). 

Things to be noted while creating a Blog name:

  • Blog name should be easy to remember for the Visitors.
  • Not complicated. 
  • Should not be more lengthy. Better to be in the range of maximum two to three words.
  • Don't include punctuation in the Blog name. Example: www.cookingkings.com(good) , www.cooking-kings-for-you.com(bad)

contents of the blog - kingbloggers

What are the contents you are going to put in your new blog:

After you decided about the name and niche of your blog, next thing you should be clear is what is contents I am going to put in my blog. What are the topics I am going to cover in my Blog. Yes for example if my Blog is related to Android and iPhone then your content may be like 

Android Phones:

  • New phones released
  • New software released
  • Trending Apps
  • Latest news of Android


  • New model of iPhone
  • New software Released
  • Trending Apps of iPhone
  • Latest News

Like this you can choose the content for your blog. Advantages of choosing the content will make you clear what you are gonna do in your blog, what are things you need to google to construct your blog. You will come to famous Blogs which are already in existence which can be Wikipedia for you.

Description and Logo of the Blog - Kingbloggers

Description and Logo of the Blog:

These are also the important things needed to Start a Blog. If suppose if someone asks who are you, telling your name is not sufficient but telling your name and about you is more sufficient. Likewise you should be create a at least a better Brief description about your blog which should tell others what is your Blog about. Make your description in Two formats. One should be 500 words Max and others should be 150 words Max. This is needed once you start the Blog.

Logo of the blog is needed but optional. Because if you don't have logo then your blog name will be displayed as logo in your Blog. But I always suggest you to create a unique logo for your Blog which should always describes your blog in the professional way.

Hope I have covered all the Important things in this post about things needed to be Decided before starting a best blog. Please read and share if you find it worthy.

Don't hesitate to comment if you have any queries.

Please Share this Post. Meet you soon in my next Blog post. Thank you!!

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