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How to get adsense approved for the blog  - Kingbloggers

As we all know that Adsense is the one of the dream word to all the bloggers. Yes whatever the niche of the blog but every blogger's dream is to get adsense approved. Before going to see how to get the adsense approved first know "What is Adsense, Why Adsense is a dream for every blogger, Eligibility to apply for adsense". It is a completely known fact that Adsense is the highly reliable and trustworthy source of income for bloggers. In this world we cannot get best things easily without hard work likewise to get adsense approved there certain principles to be followed. In this post I gonna share the checklist to get the adsense approved for the blog.

There are some common problems that every bloggers will be facing while applying for adsense. They are:

1. Not enough content
2. policy Violation

Don't get worried about it, once adsense got rejected it doesn't mean whole world gone into darkness. Because adsense always welcomes people with the quality blogs. Even you got reject once or twice or thrice you can apply again by rectifying your mistake. First let's see the problems in detail while getting adsense approval, then after understanding what is root cause we can easily get over it by following simple checklists.

Not enough content:

This is the first and major problem which will arise while applying for adsense. Because google will always concerned in giving the adsense approval to the sites which are quality in contents. Google never wants to give the adsense approval to the sites which are having not any fresh contents. There should be always good fresh contents and better about us,contact us,privacy policy pages,Disclaimer,Terms and conditions page should be there in order to avoid this problem.

Policy Violation:

This is one of the very major issue caused by the site owners as their sites violates the adsense policy. It is a known fact there should not be any copied content, prohibited niche like drugs,hacking,terrorism etc., are not entertained by google to give adsense approval for these sites. Make sure that your sites should always reach out adsense policy and webmaster guidelines in order to avoid this problem.

Checklist to get the adsense approved for the blog:

Checklist to get the adsense approved for the blog - Kingbloggers

Here am not gonna confuse anyone with anything technical Just a simple checklist to follow and get the adsense approved.

1. Content:
  •  Rich Content
  •  Enough amount of content
  •  No prohibited content 

2. Blog Design:

3. Important Pages:
  •  About us
  •  Contact us
  •  Privacy Policy
  •  Disclaimer
  •  Terms and conditions
4. Better use top level domain: 

5. Age of your Domain:

6. Language of your blog:

1. Content:

> Rich Content
As already mentioned fresh and original content is major concern to get the adsense approved. So always make sure that the content in your blog is not copy pasted and it should yours.

> Enough amount of content
Though if you have wrote some two articles it is not enough to get the adsense approved. It should be minimum 10 to 25 posts in your blog which should be fresh and original before applying for adsense.

> No prohibited content
It is very very important that your blog niche should not regarding drugs,hacking,terrorism,or any other illegal niches. These niches are never entertained buy google and also never the google will provide adsense approval for these sites.

2. Blog Design:

Google always concerned in providing their user with very good user experience. So it always expects their bloggers to provide the best designed blog. For this you should maintain the following factors.

  • Easy Navigation - Your blog should give your user the easy navigation system to reach the pages wherever they want.
  • Desktop and mobile friendly - As your blog will be delivered to the user only desktop or mobiles or Tablets, so always make sure your blog should device and user friendly.
  • Fast Loading - Always make sure that your blog should be fast loading. One kind advise to avoid this problem is Don't Dump your blog source code with too many Java scripts . Only use the codes which are necessarily needed.  

3. Important Pages:

The following pages are very much important for the blog as it will show your blog as professional and trustworthy site.

> About us
Maintain the about us page for the blog as it should maintain the info like who you are and what is your blog about and what is the intention of your site,etc.,

> Contact us
You should always maintain a friendly relationship with your blog visitors so in order to do that you should provide them the contact information so that your visitors can reach for any queries.

> Privacy policy and Disclaimer
In these two pages you should tell your users that what kind of privacy you are going to provide your users and how much security you are going to provide them when they visit your site. Here you should also mention what kind of info you will collect from your users and you are going to protect them, whether your site will use any cookies or not, these kind of every info should be mentioned here.

> Terms and conditions
In this page you should maintain the info like what are the terms and conditions that your visitors will follow when they are visiting your site.

4. Better use top level domain:

It is always advisable to use the top level domain while applying for adsense, Because this makes your user also feels that the blog is completely yours when it appears as .com instead of and also with top level domain you can get non hosted adsense account.

Stay tuned for future posts:
  • How to set up custom top level domain to your blog
  • How to convert non hosted adsense account to standard adsense account. ( Want to know difference between hosted and standard adsense account. Read here)

5. Age of your Domain:

Always make sure that your blog should possess with certain number of good posts with the age limit of minimum 6 months before applying for adsense as per the adsense policy, that too certainly in countries like India,China etc.,

6. Language of your blog:

Almost adsense supports most of the languages, but make sure that your blog's language complies with adsense language policy. For more details check in adsense official webpage.

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