Make money online: What is Adsense - Kingbloggers

Make money online: What is Adsense - Kingbloggers

There are many various good ways to make money in this world. As today's world is totally immersed in internet then why not to find the possible way to make money through internet. Yes there are many ways to make money through internet. In such kind making money through passion is possible by making money through your blog. Here is the most popular word ADSENSE born. Come let's see about how to make money through online with your blog using Adsense.

Topics covered to give you all info about Adsense:

  • What is Adsense?
  • Why Adsense?
  • How much money you can make through Adsense?
  • Types of ads given by adsense
  • Eligibility to apply for adsense
  • Types of adsense account

Those who are new to Blogging first know 

What is Adsense?

Adsense is nothing but an advertisement program given by the google for the genuine bloggers to make money through their blog. What is advertisement by adsense? Yes adsense is an advertisement program which let the bloggers to show ads on their blog to their visitors by simply inserting the code which is given by the google in your blog once your blog is approved for adsense.

why adsense - Kingbloggers

Why Adsense?

Why we have go for adsense to make money. Yes there are many specific reasons which are valid to go for adsense if you are a blogger to make money from your blog.

  • Adsense is a google product, Hence trustworthy.
  • It will never decrease the quality of the blog by showing irrelevant contents.
  • Payments will be made on time.
  • Ads shown in your blog through adsense will be relevant to user interest.
  • Highly payable while comparing to any other ad networks.
  • Ads shown by the adsense are responsive to desktop and mobile version of your site.

how much money through adsense - Kingbloggers

How much money you can make through Adsense?

It is simple as like that. "Work hard with Passion". Each and every bucks you are earning through adsense is yours and its the reward of your work. You have create a reliable fresh content in your blog which should be viewed by as many visitors. Your earnings are completely dependent on visitors visiting your blog. Visitors are completely depends of how much good content you are providing through your blog.

types of ads given by adsense-kingbloggers

Types of ads given by adsense:

Adsense will give out as many different types of ads to make money for the passionate bloggers.

  • Adsense ads for content. This will show up the ads in your blog to make money through adsense. Ads are completely desktop and mobile responsive and you can also easily create the style of ads you want.
  • If you have the android app for your site, adsense also provides the way to make money through your app by Admob program which is part of adsense.
  • If you are having the youtube channel adsense will help you to make money through your youtube videos.

Eligibility to apply for adsense - kingbloggers

Eligibility to apply for adsense:

Here you find the checklist for the eligibility to apply for adsense.

  • As it is very mandatory, you should have the website or blog.
  • Is it blog or website is only sufficient? NO. As I was always suggesting one thing, you blog or website should have the quality and your own contents.
  • Make sure your Blog should have the top level domain name. Because if you create a free Blog through Blogger it will give you sub domain such as With this also you can also apply for adsense after 6 months but even if approved it will give out hosted account. So its always better to buy a domain from domain providers like Go daddy, Big rock,hostgator etc.,
  • Make sure about the ages. You should be 18 years and you Blog should 6 months old.
  • Its better to have minimum some 15 to 25 posts in your blog which is very fresh own content of yours before applying for adsense.
  • And also your blog should not have any other website contents by simply copy pasting their content and also should not possess any copyrighted materials of others such as others youtube videos, images etc.,
  • Make sure your blog is written in Adsense supported Language. For more information visit Adsense official page.
  • Its is very vert important to create About us,contact us, privacy policy, Terms and conditions pages of your Blog before applying for the blog.

types of adsense account - Kingbloggers

Types of adsense account:

There are two types of Adsense account. They are

  • Hosted Adsense Account
  • Non Hosted Adsense Account

Hosted Adsense Account is the one which can be created or given by google when you are signing up for adsense through any google products like blogger, youtube. Hosted account are limited to show ads on the hosted sites through which you signed up for adsense. Non Hosted Adsense account are the one which can provided to you by google when you are providing your non hosted domain or top level domain while applying for adsense.

We can also convert the hosted adsense\account into non hosted adsense account. This will be shared in future articles. Stay Tuned!!!

Final Words:

Whatever it may be always try to write your blog with the passion with the original fresh content which is always welcomed by google to provide the adsense approval to make money. All The best!!

I hope the views which I/Have shared about adsense would have been Helpful to you.

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