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What is Blogging - Kingbloggers

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In day today life we are hearing many new technology related words like Facebook,gmail,twitter,BLOG etc., We know that these words had made a lot of changes in our life. These words have a powerful impact in nowadays technologically grown world. Fine!!! Let's get into the topic. Yes I know people who are reading this, are the people who heard the word BLOG somewhere. You are curious to know about blog, come let's Explore.

Definition of Blog:

According to me, Blog definition is not definite one. It varies from person to person, so let's see the basic definition of blog. "Blog is the platform where the people can write their views about certain topic and publish to the world through internet as a website or blog." In blog people can express their thoughts not only through words but also through images,videos,etc. what kind of topic people are allowed to write on their blog? Its not a fixed one. It depends on people interest. Yes here in Kingbloggers I am expressing my thoughts and my views about Blogging as my topic and sharing it to the world. Better to say blogger is a writer. 

Some of the very best Examples of Blogging platform:

  • Blogger(Blogspot)
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • tumblr and many more....

What is Blogging:

We saw what is Blog that defines a Platform, then what is Blogging? Blogging is the action of expressing yourself through writing in your blog and sharing to the whole world. Yes you may think what is special in this Blogging, because if i want to share my thoughts I can even put it on some Social media. Yes there is a Difference. Because through blogging you can share your views to the world through you one made website. 

Difference between sharing your views in social media vs blogging:

The simple line to explain this is "Sharing in Social media is like writing a page in a some other author's book, But sharing in Blog is like writing your own book".

Reason for blogging kingbloggers

Reasons of Blogging:

  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Making money


As this is technologically Developed world, we are always curious to see what is the thing available in new technology. That too we are using internet from childhood nowadays but every information are shared in the internet through websites. Sometimes we wonder how these websites are created. But if we come to know we have a way to create a website. Won't it be make you curious to try it. Of course!!! This is one of the main reason for the people to start blogs. Here we can categorise people some may have predefined idea of what they are going to do in their blog, some Just to fulfil their curiosity. But nothing wrong in trying. There is a third category who may start with the curiosity and gets success through their blog. 


As we have saw the third category above, many of those people falls in to this place of passion. Of course!!! If we write something from our childhood no one is their to read and encourage us. But once we write in our blog whole world is reading and giving out appreciation then won't get passionate about it. Yes I will!!! Next category is completely passionate on something For eg: Photography. If I would like share my Photography to the whole world then why should I miss this Opportunity.

Making Money:

Yes we know money is the most important thing in this world. If we have a opportunity to make money through blog why can't we try these? Many people trying out blogging for this reason. But nothing wrong in this. Because google itself providing this opportunity to Bloggers. Here People who are so passionate are mostly win the race. Rarely people who are totally working hard for money through Blog will win the race. The major reason is Blogger should have Patience to make money through online. Because Rome is not Built in a day. People who are passionate will have patience because their only importance is not on money, and their content will be their own. Google always looking for the original work of the blogger.

Impacts of Blogging:

  • In some people life Blogging will be the great turn back. It may make some people to decide their career itself as blogging.
  • Some people will treat it as time pass to connect with the world.
  • Some may get bored and leave blogging. Everything depends on People.

Here I Shared my thoughts about Blogging. Hope you guys Enjoyed It and get to know what is Blog? what is Blogging? who is Blogger? Reasons to Blogging? Benefits of Blogging, Impacts of Blogging.

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