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In this post we are going to see how to embed one of the most important widget which will help our visitors to navigate for the most popular posts of the blog. Yes that is "Popular Posts Widgets for Blogger".

What is so special in Popular Posts Widget?

We may wrote some post in our blog which is very popular among our visitors, but after some new posts arrived those popular posts may not be visible to new visitors. But those situations can be overtaken by this Popular Posts Widgets.

Advantages of Popular Posts Widgets:

  • Increased visitor to the popular post of the blog.
  • Make the popular posts always visible to the visitors.
  • User friendly and good design.
  • Lightweight, so easy to load.

Steps to add popular posts Widget to your Blog:

  • In your blogger Dashboard go to Layout Section
  • Click on Add a Gadget 
  • Then scroll down in a menu and click on the popular posts to add the widget to your blogger.
  • Then Drag the widget and place it wherever you want that that gadget to be appeared in your blog.

Configuring the Popular Posts Widgets:

  • In Title box you can give the name of the widget.
  • You can select the posts which are popular in your blogs for All time,Last year,Last 30 Days,Last 7 days. Upon you selected frequency the posts will appear.
  • You can select the how your post should appear and how many post should appear as well.
  • Then click on save button and Enjoy it.

Default View of the Popular Posts Widgets in your Blog:

Customizing Options for Popular Posts Widgets:

Widget customization 1:

Thumbnail,numbering and post title: Click here to Customize your Widget like below

Widget customization 2:

Colorful tiles: Click here to Customize your Widget like below

Widget customization 3:

Professional numbering: Click here to Customize your Widget like below

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