SEO basics : Complete search engine optimization tutorial and techniques

A complete tutorial to explain about the fundamental techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase visibility of website in search results.

SEO basics  A complete search engine optimization tutorial and techniques by kingbloggers

What is SEO:

From the term SEO or search engine optimization, we can get the basic idea behind it. SEO is the nothing but the process of optimizing the website to make it friendly and easy grasping by search engines. 

Importance of search engine optimization in website:

You may wonder, we are writing the contents in website for users then why it is essential to make the website optimized for search engines. Of course, it is mandatory because search are the bridge between users and the websites. So first the search engines should understand that your website has the correct contents to show upon user requests.

Here you may have one question, so how should I design and develop the website user friendly or SEO friendly?
Answer is Simple : Both. If you make your websites SEO friendly obviously it will user friendly.

How search engine search and shows the content to the user:

As I already told, search engine is a connecting bridge between user and website so it is important to understand how the user requests are interpreted and shown on the search results.

  • Usually, search engines sends the small piece of codes called crawler or spiders in order to fetch the web pages of the website. This process is called CRAWLING.
  • Once the web pages are crawled, then those pages are been processed to identify the keywords of that page. Then those web pages will be indexed on the search engines database for future retrieval. This process is called INDEXING.
  • Now your web pages are available in Search engine database, but not only your web pages are there so many other web pages are also crawled and indexed. When the user enter the requests in search engine like Google or yahoo or whatever it is, request string will be processed and compared with indexed keywords. It will fetch the results matching the criteria, but upon which has to be shown first will be based on relevancy web pages. Finally the results will be shown to users. 

Types of SEO:

Mainly SEO are categorized into three types as follows:
  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO
  • Negative SEO

White hat SEO:

It is the process of increasing the search engine result pages ranking by adhering the techniques of SEO guidelines.

Black hat SEO:

It is a technique of finding the loop holes of search engine and optimizing the site which are not following the guidelines set by search engines.

But nowadays search engine algorithms are changed and become more smart to find out these kind of tricks and those sites will be penalized. So it is always a good practice to follow the white hat SEO techniques.

Grey hat SEO:

It is optimization technique which will use the methods considered to be a legal technique now but which could be a black hat technique on one day. Anyway this is also an unethical way of optimization, which make the site prone to be penalized.

Example : Sharing the post on social media or having social share button on website to make user to share is an ethical way of optimization. But loading social share button everywhere in the page which forces user to promote is not the ethical one.

Negative SEO:

As the term suggests, negative SEO is inverse technique of SEO which are resulting in decrease of ranking the web pages in search results. Usually this technique is carried out to degrade the competitor site reputation and ranking.

SEO techniques:

There are mainly five techniques of SEO should be followed for make the web pages optimized for search engines.

SEO Techniques by Kingbloggers

Website design:

As I already mentioned website should provide ease of access to both users and search engines. So In order to achieve better SEO website should follow some guidelines.

  • Easy navigation through menus.
  • Unique, rich and enough contents.
  • Proper split up of paragraphs and formatting with bullets and numbering are essential.
  • Should contain proper header, footer and menu sections.
  • About, contact, privacy policy,Disclaimer pages are necessary to show that your site is the trusted one.

Keyword Research:

As we know, the search results shown to users are the results obtained from the indexed pages which are matching the user keywords. So it is important to have the keywords in the web pages similar to user search keywords.

Keyword research is the process of investigating the keywords relevant to the topic of web page and which would match the user search strings.

Link building:

It is the process of getting inbound referring links to your site from the external site. Website having more quality back links are tend to have higher ranking on search results as it makes the search engine to consider the site as trust worthy one.

Advantages of Link building:

  • Increases page rank.
  • Make search engine to feels that site is having valuable and worth content, as it is been referred by other sites.

Link building can be done on two ways:

  • Referring from external site.
  • Inbound Links - Process of linking the internal and related web pages.

On Page SEO

It is an optimization technique which is used to improve the SERP by taking the contents of the pages into consideration.

On page SEO includes the optimization through proper usage of:

  • Headings
  • Meta tags
  • Img and ALT tags
  • Internal link building
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • 404 error page
  • 301 redirects

Off Page SEO:

It is SEO technique used to grow the page rank for better SERP outside of the website.

Various off page SEO techniques are carried out by acquiring external back links from:

  • Social sharing
  • Guest blogging
  • Press Release
  • Posting to Forums
  • Feed submissions

Final words:

We are doing the blogging for various reasons that might be for passion or making money or over curiosity, but whatever it is there should be recognition for the hard work we are putting in. So not only writing the blog will get you the results, it is important to show to the world what you are doing in your blog. What has been written should be useful for your targeted audience. So not to make your blog as an hidden treasure, putting ample time on SEO is an important factor. Always stick with ethical white hat techniques to enjoy the final results of blogging happiness. 

Stat tuned for more updates...

Hope so, I have covered major part of SEO basics. If something is been missed out, Happy to include it from your comments.

Happy blogging!!!

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