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Domain Authority: What is it and how It Helps You To Get Better Position in Serp?

When starting a web positioning effort, we must analyze the state in which a site is located in technical and strategic terms. The result of this evaluation allows us to predict the difficulty that a site has to be indexed in the search engines.

One of the most well-known and used tools to make the analysis is MOZ, which includes a form of classification of SEO factors called Domain Authority.

This indicator consists of a rating that ranges from 1 to 100. For this, the algorithm carried out by MOZ takes as a basis the evaluation of variables assigning them an individual rating. This allows the SEO specialist to have a total score as a reference to make a prediction of how well a website will rank in the search results (SERP) and what position it will have against its competition.

Although the score of the domain authority obeys a dozen variables, evaluated by the MOZ team, it also takes into account the data that Google used to take a few years ago to perform a similar evaluation, giving a rating called PageRank.

Currently, Google PageRank can not be consulted, but it is still running for Google internal statistics.

How does the Domain Authority work?

In the Google PageRank, its algorithm evaluated the amount of traffic and the quality of links to a site, with this data calculated the level of relevance that has the content of a page for the user, assumed that more traffic, quality and number of links, the users had more interest in the contents of a page.

The PageRank rating was assigned from 1 to 10, the higher the rating, the higher the page value and the better position it had in the search results.

The MOZ tool uses these and many more variables to qualify the Domain Authority and assigns a score from 1 to 100 that works in principle equal to PageRank: the higher the score, the greater the capacity of our site to qualify in the first search results.

According to MOZ, the qualification of the Domain Authority is based on automatic learning calculations that compare the metrics obtained from the evaluation of a site, with the metrics obtained from the millions of sites that exist on the Internet. If you want to check your current domain authority than you can use moz bar and also check with different site as well.

It is a logarithmic scale of 1 to 100 points, that is, it is much easier to go up from a low score like 10, to a score of 20, than to increase from 70 points to 80 or more. The difficulty is that the higher the score, the SEO factor in the sites with which it competes is much higher, and therefore, the effort must be greater.

Due to these calculations, the score of a site can change as the algorithm uses different variables in the analysis of this data. For example, taking as a reference the explanation we made of the Google PageRank, which MOZ also uses.

If a website like ours is linked to millions of pages, the Domain Authority of other sites that classify in the SERP with our same keywords and that have not had this same level of links would fall in relation to ours.

There is something clear that we must take into account: the qualification or the result that the Domain Authority throws must be taken as a relative metric to compare our SEO efforts against the millions of existing sites in the network.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

In addition to the Domain Authority, we also find a rating called Page Authority. If the Domain Authority measures the strength of a whole site, the Page Authority, as its word says, measures the strength of each individual page.

This metric is quite useful when evaluating our effort in SEO on the most valuable pages within our site and is the main starting point to have a Domain Authority higher than our competition.

How do I upload the Domain Authority of my website?

There is no specific way to positively influence this rating and because it is a comparative tool, we should not necessarily consider our score as "good" or "bad".

New sites will always start with the lowest score assigned and small or little known companies will have a much lower domain authority to sites like Wikipedia or Amazon, which are known worldwide and are linked to millions of sites daily.

However, if what we want is to have a score much higher than the direct competition of our company, the best way is to improve the SEO of our site in general. If you do not know how to start you can visit our article 11 SEO tips to make your website visible.

You can also start by increasing the Page Authority in each of the contents of your site, that is the most important step to build a solid Domain Authority over time.

Tips for Ranking My Website

  1. Use keywords in the writing of the content of your main pages in a natural and fluent way, make sure it is a content of at least 400 words.
  1. Make links between the contents of your site, make sure that the content is well optimized for the search engines.
  1. Start a linkbuilding campaign with other websites with the highest Domain Authority and allow the tracking of links to your site. Remember that Google penalizes the purchase of links to generate traffic, is not putting a link to our site anywhere, we must ensure that the pages that link to ours if they are useful to the user and that his score is very good .
  1. Make sure you do not have images, files, files or contents in error 404. The bad experience in the users is a reason of penalty in the SEO of our site.
  1. Share the content on social networks, if the social network is specialized, include your site as a source of consultation on fragments of the article or page to which you want to redirect the user.
  1. The list of variables to take into account in SEO is quite long and depending on each audit tool some of them are considered more relevant than others.

Achieve a good grade

Regardless of the tool we use to evaluate our efforts when trying to position a site in search engines, we must consider optimizing the largest number of these variables to achieve a good rating from the Bot that evaluate our site.

A good SEO strategy that is focused on increasing the level of content of the pages of a site is essential in the task of increasing domain authority.

By having a good content aimed at the user, our content will be more likely to be shared and visits will also increase and our pages will gain higher score and greater visibility in the search engines.

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