About Kingbloggers: BE A KING OF BLOGGING

What is Kingbloggers about?

Kingbloggers is started by an blogging addicted blogger. Yes!!! Blogging is one the addiction in this world. Kingbloggers is started with the intention to provide the each and every step to guide a blogger throughout their blogging Journey. This blog's basic idea is to provide our bloggers with the idea of what is blogging, How you should start with blogging, techniques of SEO, customise the blog, how to make your blog - google and user friendly, how to make your blog unique, etc., In simple words Kingblogges provide the bloggers to start blogging with passion and make their passion into their profession.

Topics covered by Kingbloggers:

  • What is Blogging?
  • How to start a Blog?
  • Essential things to start a Blog?
  • Express your passion on Blogging?
  • How to create a SEO friendly blog - SEO Techniques.
  • Customising the blog.
  • How to express your passion through blogs - Making google and user Friendly blogs.
  • What is Adsense.
  • How to make money through your blog.

How Kingbloggers Born?

Kingbloggers is started by one the blog addicted person. Yes as a blogger i started a blog with the intention to make money through online. But later on Blogging Become a passion for me. Done many researches about how blogging works, what is blogging, what should a blog posses, what and all should a blog should not possess, what is SEO, blog customisation etc,. Later this blogging become one of the passion. So then I decided to Start this Kingbloggers to provide the ideas about blogging to the future bloggers.

Why you need Kingbloggers?

As a fact no one is aware of any things before they start. In which case blogging is one of the foremost thing. As the world is technically grown everyone trying different ways to create money, some others are trying to express their thoughts to the world, some others are trying to express their passion. But for these things more foremost thing is guidance. Hence for this major reason this blog is created. Kingbloggers will help you build a profitable blog to get money through your passion. 

Man at the back of Kingbloggers:

Gokul - Kingbloggers

Hi, I am Gokul Kumar founder of Kingbloggers. 

I am a Software Engineer, Blog addicted, Loves Blogging as  passion and profession. As a many new bloggers I also started my first blog as kid, as a days went blogging becomes my passion. More I got admired through process of blogging. According to me, whatever the blog we started is one of our child because we are the one who started, who customise it, who made it go global, who is responsible for its growth. 

Apart from blogging, I am cricket lover, Best sleeping Guy all over the day. 

Happy Blogging!!!