Privacy Policy

When do we collect your Information:

Kingbloggers will never collect the information from our visitors for any illegal or harmful purpose.
Most of the cases we do not collect any information from our visitors. In some cases like for subscribing to our newsletters, While contacting us through our contact form, while commenting we will get to know your mail Id's. Expect this situations Kingbloggers will never ask our visitors for their personal information like Phone numbers, mail ID's, Credit card or debit card numbers.

What do we do with your information:

We will never use your information like mail ID's collected through subscription, contact form etc,.  for any illegal purpose. We will use this information only provide our visitors for better user experience, provide updates about our blogs and improve our site by asking feedback from our users.

How to we provide privacy to your information:

As already promised, we will never get your personal information, phone numbers, credit or debit card information. The mail ID;s which we are having through any contact form, subscription etc,. will be kept confidentially and will never be imposed to anyone. We don not sell your information to any online parties.

Terms and conditions:

We have certain Terms and conditions that our visitors should follow while visit our blog. This terms and conditions can be found in Disclaimer section of our blog.

Changes in Privacy policy:

Kingbloggers reserves all rights to change their privacy policy at any time. The changes made to our privacy policy will be reflected in this page.

Contact us:

In case of any concerns about our privacy policy feel free to write us, your queries will be reviewed and answered at the earliest.
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