This page gives out the information needs to be followed out by our visitors while using our blog.


All the made by our visitors on the posts are welcomed and all the comments are individual's interest. But the comments made which abusive, hurting anyone will never be accepted. We will always review your comments and Kingbloggers reserves all right to reject your comments if appropriate.

Copying the contents:

We are welcome our visitors to learn the information from our blog and implement their learning in their but never copying the contents from our blog will be entertained. In such cases Kingbloggers reserves all rights to take legal actions or file DMCA complaint.

Advertisement policy:

Kingbloggers use certain advertisement in the blog like adsense,etc,. but users have rights to close the ads if they are feeling the ads are not appropriate. In this case we collects cookies for better user experience in displaying the ads.

Illegal contents:

Adult contents or porn contents, terrorist contents are never entertained in Kingbloggers. Visitors who tries to post the adult contents in our blog through the comments or some other means will never be appreciated. In such cases Kingbloggers reserves all rights to file a legal action against that user.